See us at Esther Short Park's "Six to Sunset" concert Thursday July 28 with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra!

Interactive Performances for Young Audiences

When you hear the word “opera,” do you think of a stuffy, outdated art form just for older people? Opera Quest Northwest is out to prove you wrong. Opera is gorgeous, lively, hilarious, tragic, mysterious, and romantic. It combines singing, acting, orchestral music, beautiful costumes and sets, and engaging plots, making it the most exciting art form of all—for audiences of every age.

Opera Quest Northwest is a nonprofit group dedicated to bringing the world of opera to school-age children. Our program “Opera the Great” blends classic opera excerpts with a humorous, interactive script. Children learn opera history, characters, voice parts and famous melodies. They get to try out opera gestures and singing styles, become part of the chorus, and even come onstage as opera characters.

We’ve brought our program to hundreds of 3rd through 5th graders at little or no cost to their schools. We believe music is a vital part of education—it enriches children’s lives and is proven to help them excel academically. In a time when many schools are forced to cut funding for music, initiatives like ours are especially important. And teachers agree: “Opera the Great really awakened my students’ appreciation for classical music,” a teacher from Orchards Elementary School wrote.  “They talked about it for weeks afterward, and even acted out their favorite parts.”